Our curriculum is planned carefully to ensure that all children are challenged, engaged and motivated to learn.

Our Ethos


Excellence and enjoyment are central to our school ethos. Learning and fun go hand in hand as we develop and encourage our children to become independent and creative learners.

We aim to ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of our children and is delivered in a way that promotes active hands on learning. Educational experiences, visits and visitors help to widen the children’s understanding of the topics.


Extra Curriculum


Woodcroft Academy are fully committed to providing quality extra curricular activities and opportunities. All children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of clubs including football, gymnastics, drama, ICT, lego club and many others. Should you wish to visit our school to see our excellent facilities for yourself, please do come and visit us – we would love to see you.




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Phonics at Woodcroft Academy

The approach we use to teaching Phonics at Woodcroft is by following the ‘Letters and Sounds’ planning guidance. Phonics is taught daily in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and children are expected to achieve Phase 6 by the end of Year 2.

In Year 1, pupils will complete a Phonics Screening Check and are expected to read real words and also ‘nonsense words’ sometimes referred to by the children as Alien words. This is to show that they children are able to read Phase 5 sounds accurately.

Teachers plan using the school planning template and the teaching of Phonics is monitored by our Phonics lead in conjunction with the Headteacher. Children are assessed regularly against the expectations of the phase that has been delivered to them and teachers then target their needs to support the transition towards the next phase of phonics teaching that they will receive.

Children will receive and have exposure to a range of phonics reading books to support their learning of the phase they are currently working within. Staff will also provide further support where required for children not meeting their expected targets. Our phonics lessons provide an exciting, challenging and fun environment to learn reading and spelling patterns essential to English development.


Further Information

For more information specific to our curriculum, please call our school office on 01538 714796


Reading at Woodcroft Academy   

At Woodcroft Academy we want our children to be passionate readers and our role is to instil and nurture this love of reading for all our pupils. We have an extensive and exciting range of school guided and home reading books for the children to read and well-stocked classroom libraries. Our aim is to provide books that are both stimulating and challenging. We meet this aim by stocking books by the following publishers;

  • Rigby Rocket

  • Collins

  • Phonics, Big Cat and Progress

  • Story World

  • Oxford Reading Tree

  • Treetops

  • Puffin

  • And many more.

Here at Woodcroft the teachers assess the competency in reading and as a result are allowed to teach a non-rigid or prescriptive reading scheme. We feel our children benefit from a wide coverage of texts within each reading stage. These books are regularly restocked and are banded in coloured stages.

Children read from a book at the appropriate stage they are currently working at. This applies to home reading too, and a school expectation is that children must read at least three times a week and have their planners signed to show this.

Through ‘Guided Reading’, within the English lessons and in stand-alone daily 20 minute sessions, children read and explore challenging and language rich age appropriate texts. Reading these texts enables the teacher and support assistant to challenge the child’s comprehension and reading ability so that they are always working to achieve their aspirational targets. 

Here at Woodcroft our primary approach to teaching early reading is for children to apply their phonic knowledge to decode words. Children are also taught to comprehend the texts they read and it is an expectation that they must fully understand and be able to discuss what they read before they move on to a new stage in their reading.  Once children are reading confidently and fluently, our reading lessons are based around the National curriculum reading objectives and during guided reading move to the condensed reading domains. Each of these domains focuses on a set of skills for example ‘prediction’. This encourages children to use evidence from the story to predict what might happen next or what a character might do within the text.

Children read books and explore texts and undertake challenges, activities and questions that meet the objective or domain. It is important that children become familiar with answering a range of question styles in a given time and are able to use evidence from the text they read to justify and support responses they give. This also prepares the children well for conversation linked to texts, and preparation for their SATS for reading in KS1 and KS2.

Children in Key Stage 1 read each week with a support assistant in school and in Key Stage 2 class teachers monitor the progress of children’s home reading and guided reading in school. Pupils who are struggling with reading are given additional support and interventions to ensure they are making progress with their reading ability. Pupils also read across all areas of the curriculum during their Geography, History, Science and Design and Technology lessons.