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In the event of extreme weather conditions, the school will endeavor to operate as usual. However, there will be times within the year that extreme weather could result in a partial or full closure of the school. This can be the result of many conditions including heavy snow or severe ice, dangerously high winds or extremes of temperature.  



Please consider a number of factors in the event of extreme weather:

  • The vast majority of the children who attend Woodcroft live within close proximity to the school.
  • It is expected that all staff will attempt to make their journey to school as normal but it must be appreciated that despite all efforts being made by staff to attend, adverse conditions i.e. snow, traffic, untreated roads etc, may result in insufficient staff being in attendance at the start of the school day.  This being the case the school will be unable to operate normally and alternative arrangements may be made.
  • Messages will be displayed on the school website in the event of extreme weather and the school will also contact local radio stations to announce any degree of closure, should this become necessary. Information will also be sent to Staffordshire County Council for them to display on their website. However, we cannot guarantee how often this will be updated. If school has to be closed, parents will be contacted by 8am. Closure of a school is only taken if child's safety is deemed to be compromised.
  • Should it be necessary to close the school, parents need to ensure that alternative arrangements have been made for their children.
  • If it occurs where weather conditions deteriorate during the course of the school day, a decision to close the school can only be made by the head of the school. for this reason, it is imperative that an up to date emergency contact number is held by the school.

  • It must be appreciated that each incidence of extreme weather is different, and a decision on closure has to be made according to the situation prevailing at the time.



If extreme weather is forecast please:

  • Check for a text message before 8am which will confirm school is closed.

  • Listen to local radio where any full or partial closure will be broadcast.
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