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Woodcroft Academy is based on the firm belief that everyone has the potential to achieve and succeed. In our school we work hard to “Be wise; be wonderful.” The motto was developed with the school stakeholders and children will be taught school based values that will ensure we celebrate uniqueness among all children to enable everyone to reach their full potential.  

The Academy aims to serve its community by providing education of the highest quality. We welcome diversity and have high expectations for everyone to behave with mutual respect for each other - regardless of gender, race, religion or economic background. We understand the challenges facing our young learners and do all we can to create a culture of understanding, empathy and safety whilst encouraging everyone to uphold the school values

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Values at Woodcroft are inherent in all that we do. We educate the minds of the future through ensuring that they develop Respect, Excellence, Responsibility, Enjoyment and Resilience. The culture and ethos at Woodcroft is underpinned by a mutual Respect for all, promoting Excellence through our aspirations, our academic work and sporting endeavours, encouraging Responsibility for our own actions and development, ensuring that Enjoyment is at the fore of all that we do and that Resilience is embedded through growth mindset and time to reflect on our learning, ambitions and personal goals. This enables our children leave school prepared and confident for their next stage in education.

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