Cultural capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a pupil can draw upon and which demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence; it is one of the key ingredients a pupil will draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work. Cultural capital promotes social mobility and success in our stratified society.

Cultural capital gives a pupil power. It helps them achieve goals, become successful, and rise up the social ladder without necessarily having wealth or financial capital. Cultural capital is having assets that give pupils the desire to aspire and achieve social mobility whatever their starting point

We recognise that for pupils to aspire and be successful academically and in the wider areas of their lives, they need to be given rich and sustained opportunities to develop their cultural capital. Each subject taught within the school day makes its own contribution to pupils’ cultural capital development. Our curriculum aims to combine knowledge with experience and judgement on what pupils see.. Pupils participate in a wealth of trips, visits and experiences, supported by a wide range of extra-curricular clubs.  Teachers plan visits or visitors to ensure children have real experiences to inspire their learning. 




Children from each year group planted 3 new trees at the front of school, which have been kindly donated by Leek Rotary Club. The trees symbolise: Faith, Hope and Love following the past the difficulties of the past two years. 

FAITH in the strength of our communities that have supported us.

Hope for the future.

Love in remembering those who we have lost.