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Welcome to the reception. Where the learning adventure never ends!



During the Autumn term we learned all about ourselves and our families; we painted fantastic self portraits. We also focused on traditional tales. We had lots of fun learning about stories and writing about stories through ‘talk for writing’. We really enjoyed Jack and the beanstalk! With the help of Mrs Kelsall, we planted some seeds to see if we could grow our own beanstalk!


Throughout the Spring term, the children will continue to take part in a variety of fun packed activities. They will be enjoying daily Phonics, Literacy and Numeracy whole class teaching sessions alongside free choice activities. This term our topic is all about changes. We will be reading the Hungry Caterpillar and looking at the life cycle of different creatures. We will introduce children to non fiction text and are looking forward to visiting our local library! The children will also be reading Winnie the Witch stories. She is very good at changing things using magical rhymes. The children will be writing their own magical rhymes…….will they work?? We’ll have to wait and see!



This year the children will enjoy a variety of experiences, including:


  • Weekly PE, music and dance sessions.

  • Pond dipping at the local park.

  • A visit from a local police officer about staying safe.

  • A visit to Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s church

  • A visit to the local Mosque

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